Not going to be plain sailing for Wightlink Victoria

not going to be plain sailing for wightlink victoria

The Wightlink Victoria is not going to be plain sailing we can reveal. Thats the words of one man who’s been given a long list of major issues with the new vessel to resolve. Victoria was taken out of service last week. Engineers who have spoken Exclusively to UKNIP said there are big problems. We previously revealed an issue with a tank that had been over inflated and been damaged. Now we can reveal that their is a major issue with the Pre warmers on the Pre Start engine that is used to warm up the main engines.

Contractors who fitted this part of the vessel have been called over to Portsmouth to start addressing this issue.

A second major fault that has also been identified is the fuel system that is causing no end of head aches for those tasking with fitting and resolving the problem. Engineers have been spending hours trying to get the boat back to a standard that can operational and part of the timetable. There are major issues, Wightlink have got their work cut out to try and turn this one around. Your looking at many weeks to get all the outstanding work done on her.

Wightlink have already been operating a revised timetable over the weekend.

We have approached Wightlink for comment.