Hern Bay man jailed after knife rampage

A man has been jailed for 18 months after wielding a knife in public and assaulting a police officer.

Robert Luff left his house at around 10pm on Friday 27 July 2018 and knocked on the front door of a neighbouring property. He asked for a hammer, claiming people in his home were being attacked. He was aggressive towards the occupants who said they didn’t have one and instead helped himself to two knives from their kitchen drawer.

The 49-year-old from Clarendon Street, who had been drinking heavily that evening, then walked to the back garden of another nearby property and knocked on the window. He asked the residents to call the police before going around to the front of their house and standing in the garden still clutching the knives.

Our officers were called to the scene where Luff had returned to his home. He was shouting and being aggressive – all the while claiming a family member was being attacked. But there was no attack and as Luff was arrested he pushed one of the officers to the ground and then kicked her in the leg.

The knives were seized and Luff was taken into custody unable to recall what happened or why.

Luff was charged with possession of a bladed article in a public place and assault of a constable. He pleaded guilty to the offences and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday 12 February 2019.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Stephanie Watson said: ‘Thankfully Luff did not use the knives to hurt anyone but that does not make it right that he took them out on the street and scared residents with his erratic behaviour.

‘Knives are dangerous and anyone found arming themselves with one will be brought to justice.’