Hampshire Police Officers Under Investigation for Racist and Homophobic Remarks

hampshire police officers under investigation for racist and homophobic remarks

A major internal investigation within Hampshire Constabulary has been launched that is understood to involve at least seventeen servicing police officers and three civilians many of them of the detective rank and above.

A police source revealed that one officer under investigation used to serve on the Isle of Wight.

The source revealed that all of the officers involved in the hate sting are said to be from one department.

The covert police sting is understood to have taken place within the Constabulary’s Jewel in the crown investigation centre at Basingstoke.

The probe was launched after a whistle blower tipped off the top bosses.

A second source involved in the invesgatation revealed that a covert camera had been installed within the criminal investigation team office.

Hours of footage is understood to have been captured of homophobic and racists remarked by at least 17 officers.

Many have been suspended on full pay whilst others have been moved to roles whilst the fluid investigation continues.

The source revealed that some officers were captured dancing around on desks making monkey noises whilst others threw nuts at them. Others were captured describing prisoners whom they had been tasked to investigate replacing their names with names that we are not legally allowed to publish.

A special selected number of professional standards officers have been tasked to grill the large number of officers giving daily updates direct to the chief.

Police bosses are said to have been trying to keep the investigation under wraps until the leak.

Staff at the multi million pound state of the art investigation centre have been gagged and can’t talk about the matter.

The Hampshire Police and crime commissioner office have been approached for comment but have yet to release a statement.
A spokesman said:”The Police and Crime Commissioner is aware of an internal investigation into the conduct of a number of Hampshire police officers and staff and continues to be briefed on any developments by the Chief Constable. As with any other active police investigation, further comment will be provided once the outcome of the investigation is known.

Hampshire Constabulary’s media office refused to comment on the ongoing investigation.