Breaking News QA hospital in Police lockdown

breaking news qa hospital in police lockdown

Police have sealed off the QA hospital in Portsmouth and placed it in lockdown following the discovery of a suspicious vehicle that has been located in the hospital estate this evening.

Officers from Hampshire Constablary rushed to the Portsmouth site just after 7pm after calls were made by hospital staff. Police have cordoned off a large area around the vehicle. Officers ha e also moved a large group back from the effected area.

The EOD have also been called to the incident and firefighters from Hampshire fire and rescue have also been called to the incident.

Patients have been advised to stay back from windows whilst officers deal with the incident.

Members of the public are being stopped from entering the site by Police.

Staff at the QA have released the following statement:‪Police were called to QA a short time ago after our Security Team spotted a suspicious vehicle parked near the main entrance. Emergency services were on-site to assess the risk. Following this review there is no risk to patients and public and the cordon on the QA site has now been lifted. The incident was fully investigated and has been stood down. Thank you to everyone for their swift action. ‬