Second day of traffic chaos in Newport as an mobile home get stuck

A second day of chaos is being experienced by drivers trying to drive around Newport after a second mobile home has got stuck on a road.

The road has been blocked in Carisbrooke and traffic is gridlocked after the two removal lorries attempted to avoid a repeat of bringing gridlock to capital of the Isle of Wight.
The two unescorted transporter carrying mobile-home got stuck just before 9am in Wednesday morning.
It’s understood that the transporters have got stuck due to road works taking place at the top of Carisbrooke Road.

Route 7 buses from Newport to Alum bay are also being delayed after being stuck in the jam behind the mobile homes in Carisbrooke. Southern Vectis is reporting 20 to 30 minute delays.

Yesterday the convey attempted to turn into Trafalgar Rd, Newport from St John’s Place. The lorry was unable to negotiate the turn traffic in this area quickly became gridlocked.

UPDATE: The not so mobile homes have got stuck again following Police assistants the lorries have got caught up in a road in Freshwater.