Man arrested after going on a rampage in Newport

man arrested after going on a rampage in newport

Police have arrested a man after he went on a rampage and smashed up part of the homeless hostel in Newport and attacked and assaulted a member of staff on Tuesday.

Scared staff called Police after the man attended the hostel in Pyle street to seek refuge for the evening on Tuesday.

The man then just lost it and started to smash the hostel up.

Staff attempted to reason with the man who is said to have been high on drugs

One witness said that the man’s eye were like flying saucers. The man was having none of it and lashed out at the staff.

There was no need for it said the unnamed service user.

The mad man then run off out of the building.

Hampshire Constabulary said that they were called to Pyle Street in Newport just after 10.30pm, A man was stopped and restrained by officers and searched. The spokesman for the Constablary said no-one was seriously injured in the incident at the Salvation Army building.

A 22-year-old local man was arrested on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon,assault and criminal damage.

The man remains in custody at Newport Police station