Portsmouth stalker Paul Nelson released from prison

portsmouth stalker paul nelson released from prison

A ‘devious’stalker behind Spotted Portsmouth who plagued a woman’s life has been released from prison we can reveal.

Obsessed Paul Nelson, 47, formerly of Western Parade, Southsea, has served half of a 21-month prison sentence handed to him at Portsmouth Crown Court. He is understood to have been released three weeks ago into the community.

It is understood that Nelson who has shown no remorse for the victim he targeted tried to apply for a home detention tag but was refused on the grounds that he was too high risk of reoffending.

Nelson has now been released at the half way point of his sentance and remains on license being supervised by the probation service.

If he reoffends he will be returned to prison.

Devious Nelson made his victim flee Portsmouth after a seven month hate campaign.

Nelson’s stalking included hacking into the victim’s email accounts and turning up as she was about to give blood at the Mountbatten Centre in Stamshaw.

A lifetime restraining order bans him from contacting the woman and from going to parts of Southsea, including Palmerston Road between Osborne Road and Clarence Parade, and the section of Clarendon Road between Palmerston Road and The Vale. He faces arrested and new charges if he breaches these conditions

Nelson made claim he suffers from anxiety and depression, started drinking after his father was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2013, and his mother suffered from dementia and died.

This wasn’t the first time he’d been convicted of stalking, he has a previous harassment conviction in 2014 which led to him losing his job of 22 years at the Wedgewood Rooms in Albert Road.

Nelson previously posted a photo of a man’s genitals on Spotted Portsmouth in ‘revenge’ over a dispute about a barmaid.

Nelson is understood to have been released to a resettlement hostel but it is unclear if he is in the Portsmouth area.