Police officer left fighting for his life after HGV collision

police officer left fighting for his life after hgv collision

A fundraising page has been set up after a police officer, was seriously injured in a Road Traffic Collision on Wednesday 27th February 2019.

Two Police Officers were out on routine patrol, protecting the public, when their vehicle tragically collided with a Heavy Goods Vehicle in Berkshire. The driver of said Police vehicle has sadly received a horrific brain injury and is currently fighting for his life in the Intensive care unit at a near by hospital.

The injured police officr has three beautiful Triplets who are only 18 months old and have no idea why their Daddy hasn’t come home yet. It is still early days, even though it feels like it’s gone on forever, and we don’t know the full extent of what the injuries are going to be, all we know is that if he manages to fight this and pull through, he will be left with serious Life Changing injuries and the quality of life that he will lead is still to be assessed.

Loving and concerned friend have set up a found me page to try and raise money for the three girls who deserve the life that their wonderful parents had planned for them, achieving this with one household income, if that’s possible, will be incredibly hard.

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