Isle of Wight floating bridge crashes into wall

isle of wight floating bridge crashes into wall

The controversial floating bridge has crashed into a wall we can reveal.

Pictures of the council white elephant shows large dents from being involved in a collision.

A passenger onboard revealed that that collision happened on the Cowes side during a crossing.

It’s understood that it happens all the time. It’s full of dents.

Many have said the reason being that the floating bridge was not tailor made for the Medina but the council will not admit that they have messed up.
They continue to make lame excuses and spend council tax money trying to make it work.
They even have to employ a tug “Seaclear” at low tides to push it into position at a cost of around £190 per hour. They don’t take that much in fares to cover the running costs.

The Isle of Wight council have been approached for comment