Island CO-OP’s ban local paper after racist rant

island co ops ban local paper after racist rant

Southern Co-op have led the way and listened to their customers after outrage over Racist and Homophobic Rant. Many have complained to Co-op and asked for the publications to be removed from its stores.

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The independent Coop supermarket chain have removed the Isle of Wight Observer, Islander magazine and Island life magazine from its stores after customers have made complaints following the expose of the Racist and Homophobic rant made by the Publisher and Co Director Martin Potter.

National online newspaper Buzzfeed carried out a full investigation into a recording that Potter claimed was faked and had been created by a super computer. That’s the story he told his concerned advertisers who contacted him for an explanation.

The recording surfaced after a whistle bowler released it to highlight their concerns , the hate crime is now under investigation by Hampshire Constabulary.

Many other businesses have also raised concerns, some have removed or ordered that no further adverts be ran in any of Martins publications as they don’t wish for their customers to feel that they are of the same view as Potter is.

Despite mass outrage, Potter the bigot has yet to apologise or give any explanation about the content of the recording.

Staff at the publishers office have spent the weekend on a campaign of trolling in an attempt to divert attention from the matter.

One claiming that Potter was wasn’t a particularly nice person and a further admitted that “Potter is Homophobic, so what and what ever else, shit happens life goes on”.

In a statement released today a spokesman for the Southern Cooperative said: “Due to customer requests and complaints we have temporarily removed these publications from our Southern Co-op stores”.