Shanklin woman escapes jail after plunging knife into her partner

shanklin woman escapes jail after plunging knife into her partner

A Shanklin woman has escaped an immediate prison sentence after plunging an knife into her partner during a domestic argument on the Isle of Wight.

Supermarket worker 49-year-old Joanne Wraxton was handed a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to unlawfully and maliciously wounding her husband without intent by stabbing him in the arm.

Wraxton of Green Lane, Shanklin appeared at the Island Crown Court on Friday where she was sentenced to 8 months in prison, suspended for 12 months.

Emergency services rushed to the family home in December last year.
After stabbing her partner she then called the emergency services claiming she had stabbed her husband.

The Isle of Wight Crown Court heard how emergency crews found Mr Wraxton unconscious on the floor in the family home.

When police took a statement from Mr Wraxton he claimed that he was stabbed by accident. After his wife lunged forward during an argument with a kitchen knife in her hand.

The court heard that the couple are still together in a loving relationship.

Judge Hill accepted that Wraxton had ‘lost control’ in a drunken argument and passing a suspended sentance of 8 months imprisonment suspended for 12 months.