Police probe mass BB gun incidents in Gosport

police probe guns incidents in gosport

Have you been affected by a number of recent incidents which may have involved a BB gun in Gosport?

Gosport’s Neighbourhood Policing Team is carrying out patrols and speaking to teenagers following reports of anti-social behaviour that we believe are related to the use of BB guns in public places.

On Monday 4 March three people reported that they had been hit by a suspected BB pellet in Gosport. They were not left with any significant injuries.

At around 2pm a 62 year-old woman was struck on the leg as she walked along Pump Lane, she noticed two youths cycling in the area. At 3:30pm a 42 year-old man walking along Grove Road was struck on the shoulder. At 3:35pm a 39 year-old woman was struck on her shoulder, while she was walking on Avery Lane.

Since Friday 1 March there have also been a number of reports of damage to vehicles and houses that could be related to a BB gun. These took place on roads including: Dormy Way, Rowallan Avenue, The Drive, Maynard Close, Grove Road, Gregson Avenue, Marine Parade, and Raynes Road.

For example over the weekend windows to three houses on Elson Road were smashed. One of the windows was smashed at 2:40am on Sunday 10 March.

Some of these reports of criminal damage refer to a group of four teenage boys. One of them had untidy, blonde, curly hair. All of them were wearing what appeared to be, or similar to, a school uniform.

Inspector Richard Thompson said: “The Neighbourhood Policing Team has been carrying out regular patrols and speaking to teenagers in the areas around these incidents. We will also be speaking to local schools as part of our enquiries.

“This type of anti-social behaviour is very serious as it could leave someone with a permanent injury if they were hit in the face, thankfully no-one has been hurt. BB guns can be virtually impossible to differentiate from the real thing for members of the public, especially at a distance.

“I would ask parents to speak to their children about this issue so that they understand the impact of these offences on the local community. Any parent who is concerned that their child may be involved, or who has information that could help our enquiries should call 101.

“I would also like to remind people that it is an offence to possess an imitation firearm in a public place, contrary to section 19 of the Firearms Act 1968”.

Anyone with information should call 101 quoting 44190077043.

Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
If you have children under the age of 18 please help us to address anti-social behaviour by following this advice:
Before they go out, find out what your children are doing, where they are going, and when and how they will be getting home.
Sometimes children do not consider the consequences of their actions, so ask them to think about whether they could be causing distress to others, damaging the environment or putting themselves in danger.
Young people are also often the victims of disorder, so if you or your child experience anti-social behaviour, make sure you report it to the police. We cannot send officers to every incident, but if you let us know what is happening in your area, we can make sure our resources are targeted effectively.