UPDATE ::Staplers Road closed in both direction after Sewage Main Bursts

update staplers road closed in both direction after sewage main bursts

Traffic in Newport has ground to a halt after the totally closure of Staplers Road in Newport for emergency works.

Contractors working on behalf of Southern water carrying out works have been called off following the collapse of a sewage main this afternoon causing the total closure of Staplers Road with immediate effect.

The closure has been put in place at the Barton crossroads by Cross Lane and School Lane.

Emergency gully suckers have been brought into remove the raw sewage that is currently filling trenches that have been dug for new water pipes.

Hundreds of litres of sewage is being pumped out following the collapse by two 36,000 litre tankers at the top of Staplers in an attempt to stop back flow back into drains and properties.

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”1000″ height=”600″] A source has revealed that the road may have to stay closed as the collapse may be in the middle of the carriage way. The 2.5 main is a major part of the network servicing hundreds of properties.

Drivers are foolishly ignoring road closure signs placed at Coppins Bridge advising of the closure.

A full road closure has been put in put by DTM management.

The closure is going to have a massive effect of vehicle in the rush hour commute home.

UPDATE: Specialist drainage contractors Dyno-rod have been called in with specialist camera equipment in an attempt to locate where the collapse is. Efforts are being hampered due to the amount of scale and a blockage stopping the camera from crawling.

Sewage is understood to be backing up in the Newport.
The main is understood to remove both waste water and sewage from homes across Newport.

More to follow