Fly grazing is rife in Portsmouth

fly grazing is rife in portsmouth

Horses and Ponies that have been appearing on green spaces outside peoples homes over night have been found wondering the street of Leigh Park for a second time this week.

A number of horses in poor health belonging to Antony Clements and Tristram Cluett appeared on Thorny Island after their owners have been illegally fly glazing them.

Shocked horse lovers have highlighted that the horses are in poor health and feet are in great need of attention.

If you have concerns or the animals appear in your street contact the police or RSPCA do not attempt to confront these men.

We have since been contacted by Antony Clement who asked us to explain why the horses have been fly glazing. We had a field that we shared three ways. During an RSCPA spot check two horses that belonged to the third person were highlighted to be in poor health these animals were removed by the Inspectors.
The owner of the field asked us to remove all the horses without any notice. We have a new field but aren’t able to move in their until the weekend. We kept the horse in the nearby country park last night and they managed to get out Inwas out early this morning wearing two odd shoes trying to recapture them.

Tristram Cluett said that we have permission by the land owner to use the field. The RSPCA have been out and are happy with the horses.
I was attacked by a man with a bat this morning at the field sustained head injury the police were called and the man was arrested and an investigation is now on going.