Major Newport Road to stay closed until at last Thursday

major newport road to stay closed until at last thursday

Despite engineers working through the night to locate the location of the collapse of a major sewer they have been unsuccessful.

Drainage specialists were called in with specialist cameras that attempted to walk the pipe but this has been hampered due to debris blocking the movement of the cobra. Specialists have attempted through the night to jet the effected to assist but has not helped.

The collapsed is located somewhere along a 128 metre section of the 100 year old sewage’s network that is understood to service thousands of homes.

Gully suckers have worked through the night removing a large amount of backed up waste from the blocked and damaged section on the major road.

Rush hour traffic has been effected with delays Ben g reported on Fairlee road and Coppin Bridge.

The closure is likely to remain for most of the day as attempts again are made to trace the location of collapse and carry out a repair.

Southern water have said: The issue has been caused by a collapsed pipe two metres below the surface. They’re using specialist equipment to rectify the problem and hope to finish by the end of tomorrow (Thursday). The road will remain closed until work is completed.