Isle of Wight Ebayer with a sense of humour for Trump

isle of wight ebayer with a sense of humour for trump

The item has been listed as Pretty little Ivanka Trump pale peppermint green sleeveless blouse with tiny metal buttons and tag. That’s right, it’s designed by the daughter of that great orange idiot currently running America.

I mean obviously she employed someone else to design it, and there is every likelihood that she had it run up in a country where labour is cheap and they employ children (and none of those people can get into the land of the brave, of course), but she’s put her name on it – all over it in fact, including one of those weird metal tags at the back of the neck that American designers favour.

It’s got a double layered swingy hemline, which does not hide your hips, it accentuates them.

So you need to be the shape of a stick insect to wear it.

It could be ideal dressed up or would be equally stylish worn with jeans, as long as you don’t mind being associated with the daughter of a sociopath.

It’s got a bit of a boho vibe, so would be great for festival season, although I can’t imagine Ivanka would have wanted her designs being worn around a muddy field so you could be making a political statement.

Might be a collectors item in years to come, hopefully when the memory of the great orange blimp is waning and there’s someone with a brain in charge again. Condition is New with Tags because clearly the last person to buy it made a big mistake.

Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class.