Twelve hours, twelve engineers and a massive crane to fix linkspan

twelve hours twelve engineers and a massive crane to fix linkspan

It took a crew of 12 just over 12 hours from Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday morning…but they did it, and we’re pleased to announce that our Linkspan is finally… FIXED

In case you’re unfamiliar, the “Linkspan” is what allows us to load the upper deck of our vehicle ferries.

It hasn’t been working properly since late last year, causing delays in our loading/unloading process.

Not wanting to speak too soon and wanted to allow a few days to pass before proclaiming “all is well!” But with over 90 hours now having passed since we put the fix in place and with everything continuing to work as it should.

Red Funnel are confident in telling you that the problem is FIXED and there back to business as usual! (With the exception of whatever the weather decides to throw at us.)

On top of that, They are also happy to report that because of the specific solution put in place to fix the problem, our Linkspan now actually works better than it did before, and on top of that, if we need emergency parts in the future, we have a speedier, made-in-the-UK solution in place

So that’s a nice silver lining.
Red Funnel would also just like to say another massive and humble THANK YOU to you, the fantastic passengers for being so patient with us over the past few months.

The on-board and terminal teams did their very best to get you on and off the Island as quickly as they could, but in many instances, delays were unavoidable and caused you frustration.

Thank you to everyone who continued to choose us over the past few months and for having faith that we would eventually get it right. We also want to be blunt and say that we could have done a better job of communicating with you. We should have been more vocal and transparent about the issue from the start and we should have kept you better informed along the way.

We can, and we will do better as we go forward, and if you’ll let us, we hope we can earn your trust along the way.