Fire crew called to Sainsbury’s In Newport

fire crew called to sainsburys in newport

Firefighters from the Islands fire and rescue service have been called to Sainsbury’s filling station on Honey Cross Way in Newport.
Fire Crew Called To Sainsbury’s In Newport
The crew were mobilsed just before Miday on Wednesday.

The filling station has been closed after a Landrover Freelander that was drawing fuel devolved a fault and dumped fuel all over the stations forecourt.

One hose reel is in use at the station as fire fighters attempt to stop the leaking tank fuel from entering the drainage system.

Crews are also carrying out scene safety
Sand and an environmental kit to contain the highly flammable liquid is also being used.

The driver who asked not to be named praised the quick response of the fire service. I know how serious leaking fuel can be from a vehicle after being subjected to a vehicle that caught fire it goes just like that. I still have the scars as a reminder.

Fire Crew Called To Sainsbury’s In Newport

The fuel station is likely not remain closed for the next few hours to aid recovery of the vehicle and a clean up of the effected area.

Arrangement are being made to have then damaged vehicle removed on a flatbed recovery truck.

More to follow