Bembridge lifeboat called to 24ft motor cruiser ran aground

bembridge lifeboat called into action

The ‘Bembridge RNLI’s inshore lifeboat has assisted 2 people and their 24 foot motor boat after it ran aground on her way into Bembridge Harbour earlier this evening (Wednesday).’

‘RNLB Norman Harvey’ lifeboat was launched at around 7:30pm this evening to assist a 24ft Sports Motor Boat with two people onboard that had initially reported that she had a fouled prop close to the entrance to Bembridge Harbour.

Although initially UK (Solent) Coastguard had requested our All-Weather Lifeboat (‘RNLB Alfred Albert Williams’) be launched, the decision was made to switch to the ‘Norman Harvey’ once it was realised that there was not enough water for the larger lifeboat to negotiate the entrance channel safely.

On reaching the boat which was just south of No 4 buoy, it was clear that the problem was that she had in fact run aground. Having transferred a crew member to the motor boat to help navigate the channel, she was given a nudge by the ‘Norman Harvey’ and with the incoming tide she was able make her own way safely into the harbour. The ‘Norman Harvey’ then made her way back to Lane End and was recovered by 8.30pm.