What a vile human McDonald’ s worker speaks out

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In their own words:

From a local McDonald’s employee –
I have worked in McDonalds for a while now, I have made many friends, I have laughed and I have cried. I’ve learned, I’ve gained confidence and skills, I’ve gained experience working with a company respected by hundreds of others. While working there I have completed my A-levels, passed my driving test, started university, and been supported in all of that by the people I work with. They are amazing people, who work hard, whether that be to earn a little money while studying or to earn a living, but why does it matter? I have been degraded, yelled at, sworn at, spat on, called stupid, by all sorts of people of all sorts of ages. It’s by the mum who couldn’t wait 2 minutes for her burger when she asked for no seasoning, by the man who thought sitting on the table in a restaurant instead of a chair was acceptable, by the kids who think they are funny tipping water on the floor or the elderly couple who get mad because we ran out of the dip they like, the point is this can’t be blamed on one group, as McDonalds workers we put up with more than most of our customers realise. So when I forgot to ask you if you wanted extra dips and you got mad, it wasnt because I was being rude, it was because I’d just been yelled at for an order taking too long when I had been stood at the counter calling the number like a fool for the past 5 minutes. We are humans, we have good days and bad days, but you don’t need to be the reason it’s a bad day. I’m fed up of hearing my colleagues (and myself) be yelled at or talked to like rubbish when we are just doing our jobs. The majority of people I work with are smart people with a solid head on their shoulders, lovely people, funny people, people who will always support me and each other when things go wrong. So yes, I am a McDonalds worker, but I’m so many other things, please remember that next time you visit and are about to humiliate us for something trivial.