Hundreds of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police officers affected after massive data breach

hundreds of hampshire and isle of wight police officers affected after massive data breach

Personal details of hundreds of officers from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Police have been stolen in a malware attack on a computer system we can reveal.

The Police Federation staff association was targeted by crooked hackers who managed to steal the data and delete the database.

Personal details of many rank and file officers have been stolen by the cyber crooks

The crooks deleted databases with members’ names and ranks, email addresses and national insurance numbers. Bank details were also stolen during the online cyber raid.

Other confidential information on officers involved in complaints was also stolen.

A further blown is guest s details and Credit card numbers of using the Fed’s conference and hotel in Leatherhead, Surrey, were in the files unencrypted.

The data breach is being investigated and it is unclear if the compromised information has been used.

Red faced chairman John Apter has apologised for the major data breach saying that it takes security very serious.

Ed note: Guess if you go on line and Report it to “Action Fraud” they can triage it see if worth investigating