Fire crews called to St Mary’s Hospital in Newport

fire crews called to small kitchen fire

Three fire crews have been mobilesed to St Mary’s Hospitial on the Isle of Wight this evening.

The three crews were mobilised just after 8.20pm from Newport fire station to the hospital estate to the helicopter landing pad.
The call was sparked after smoke started to fill the cabin of the helicopter on takeoff. The helicopter was landed quickly and the patient evacuated.

The air ambulance – an Airbus H135 – was lifting off from St Mary’s helipad to transfer a local male to a mainland hospital. The transfer has now been successfully completed following a safety check.

Fire crews from Ryde and Shanklin were also mobilised

Following their arrival, the pilot of the air ambulance had carried out checks
on the helicopter.

the call proved to be a false alarm and the crews returned back to the station.
Shanklin and Ryde were also stood down whilst on route.

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