Crooked Cowes pub owner to appear on “The Sheriff’s are Coming”

crooked cowes pub owner to appear on the sheriffs are coming

A crooked publican from Cowes has appeared on the BBC One prime time The Sheriff’s are coming, that is due to be broadcast today 11am. (Friday March 29th)

Anne Cook from Cowes who owns the Vectis Tavern in the town was taken to court by former employee Jordan White after a dispute on wages owed.

Jordan took on more and more hours and his wages were delayed. It wasn’t very fun that I was cleaning toilets at 3 in the morning. I was out of pocket and I needed the money for rent and food. She started to accuse me of theft and then she disputed the money and the hours that I had worked.

Jordan won the court case but Cook dug her heels in and failed to pay. She even had the cheek to challenge the judgement.

Frustrated bar worker Jordan who waited patiently for the funds to be paid had to take drastic measures after she failed to follow through on any of her agreements.

Following the judgement going in his favour, Jordan upgraded the matter to the High court to get the debt paid.

The BBC hit show “The Sheriff’s are Coming” got involved and followed Jordan’s case.

The television crew came over to the Isle of Wight and filmed Gerald Anderson and
Robert Foster who are High Court certified Sheriff’s who came over and managed to successfully recover the money from the unscrupulous business owner.

When Cook was confronted over the phone by the Sheriffs she made a claim that she was a silent director of new business and she made the claim that she was having the judgement set aside on the day that the Sheriffs attended.


The cleaners than attempted to try and lock in the Sheriffs who said that they hadn’t had a lockin for a long time.

Despite claiming that the case was at court on the day this was found to be false. Facing the prospect of having goods removed Cook had to pay what was owed in full.
Cook had the judgement returned to court and again failed to have the judgement set aside.

The whole episode was made difficult after Cook made claims of untruths about her health and had no evidence to back up any of the claims she has made.