Emergency services called to Flybe Flight at Southampton Airport

emergency services called to flybe flight at southampton airport

Emergency services have rushed to Southampton airport this evening following an emergency declared by flight BE148 from Newcastle.

Fire crews were mobilised just before 10pm on Friday evening following a distress call from a pilot who declared an emergency onboard the 11-year-old DHC8-402 Dash 8, G-ECOH after it is understood that a door indicator warning light activated in the cockpit.

This isn’t the first time the plane has been involved in a mid air drama: The plane encountered severe turbulence, overhead Isle of Man, 7 February 2014.

The aircraft experienced a sudden onset of severe turbulence when in cruise flight, in VMC, at FL220.

A cabin crew member was seriously injured.

Than again in 2017:Flybe de Havilland Dash 8-400, was performing flight BE-385 from Southampton,EN (UK) to Dublin (Ireland), was climbing out of Southampton about 60nm south of Birmingham,EN (UK) when the crew needed to shut the left-hand engine (PW150) down due to low oil pressure. The crew stopped the climb at FL130 and diverted to Birmingham for a safe landing on runway 15 about 30 minutes later.

A ground observer reported the left-hand engine was shut down upon landing, the crew had reported low engine oil pressure on tower frequency prior to landing

This evening the plane made an attempt to land but aborted and went round for a second attempt just after 10.15pm.

Two airport fire tenders shadowed the flight in and followed it down the runway.

Other emergency services have also been seen to be rushing to the airport on blue lights.

Two police incident support units have joined fire crews and ambulances airside at the airport in Eastleigh.
Witnesses at the airport have said that the plane didn’t look like it had been damaged.

The airport duty manager refused to comment further on the ongoing incident
More to follow