Bembridge Point Cordoned off after suspected ordnance find identified as digger pin

bembridge point cordoned off after suspected ordnance find identified as digger pin

A cordon has been thrown up around Bembridge Point on the Isle of Wight following the discovery of what is thought to be unexploded ordnance

Bembridge Coastguard were mobilised following the find by a member of the public on Sunday afternoon.

A local resident was out made the alarming discovery and contacted the emergency services.

The object is two foot long in length and is partially buried in the sand.

Members of Bembridge Coastguard search and rescue team have cordoned off the area and have passed on photographs to the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team EOD team.

The team have agreed to attend and inspect the suspected ordnance.

Following closer inspection Nigle Bennett owner of a near by Gravel Yard inspected the large metal objected and claimed that it was a digger bucket pin. Picking up the objected and throwing it on the ground.

He was then seen to be reclaim the lost pin and carry it up the beach to his yard.



The cordon has now been removed and  both coastguard and the EOD team from Portsmouth have are   now standing down

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