Beware of posts offering free Asda vouchers

beware of posts offering free asda vouchers

There are a number of supermarket voucher scams circulating online, with messages like: “Asda are giving away a £250 voucher to celebrate their 68th anniversary”.

These are nothing to do with us and may be an attempt to capture your personal data. Please warn your friends if they share these posts with you and believe they are genuine.

Please always read a post carefully before clicking on it and check the link before you enter your details. An official Asda competition or giveaway should link to an Asda website such as Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors are also clues that a post could be a fake.

Unfortunately we have no control over third party websites and can only warn you not to be taken in by them and to warn your friends if they share these posts with you.

Here’s one recent example which has been shared on WhatsApp:

This message uses a subtly different website namenote the special character instead of a D in the image above. Clicking on the link will take you to a fake website that attempts to get your personal information, including financial details.

If you see a message like this please do not click on it.