Community spirited Recovery driver removes dangerous wrecks

community spirited recovery driver removes dangerous wrecks

Whilst most son’s were spending Mothering Sunday with their mum community spirited Liam Bishop from the Isle of Wight put that on hold as he was out cleaning up after a two foolish carefree drivers.

The two men who are suspected to be involved in dumping the vehicles have been named as living locally both who have no licences or insurance blighted the countryside after putting other roads users at risk than dumping the vehicles
and setting fire to them to avoid being captured by the Police.

The two wrecks whre burnt out shells and had been abandoned on the St George’s down public byway.

They where at risk of causing damage to the environment and the public that use the path.

When Liam who owns his own recovery truck found out about the fools he swiftly took action and spent Sunday recovering the wrecks. This isn’t the first time Liam has been public spirited. He was involved in the recovery of the dumped fridge in the beach.

I try to do my bit when I can said Liam. We live on a lovely Island and some people spoil it. The mindless pair not only put themselves at risked but also other and animals that graze in the area as well. I felt as a member of the community something to done to put right the mess these pair had left.