Isle of Wight councillor involved in twitter spat

isle of wight councillor involved in twitter spat

An Isle of Wight councillor is in hot water following a foul tirade
against recently a deceased Labour MP, Paul Flynn, by Tory Councillor Chris Whitehouse.

In a disgusting tweet, Whitehouse mocked the much-loved Newport West MP, who died recently, giving rise to the by-election in the Welsh constituency which Labour won on Thursday.

Apart from being without any class whatsoever, Councillor Whitehouse is utterly wrong about Mr Flynn’s achievements.

Mr Flynn was known as a highly-principled and brave Parliamentarian, consistently opposing the Iraq War, and years ahead of his time in campaigning for the medicinal use of cannabis. He held two Ministerial positions during his long career, although he was better known for his fearless holding of Ministers to account through Parliamentary Questions. In 1996 he won The Spectator’s “Backbencher Of The Year” award.

This is a new low, even for Councillor Whitehouse. To publicly attack a recently deceased man in this way, at a time when his memory is inevitably at the forefront of the minds of his family and constituents, is spectacularly offensive. It’s not just below the standards any civilized person expects from a councillor, it’s below the standards most of us would expect from any civilized human.

We are sure the local Conservative Party won’t want to be associated with this sort of comment, and will join us in condemning and censuring this appalling councillor.