Person trapped in Newport bus collision

person trapped in newport bus collision

Emergency services have been called to a serious crash on Forest Road on the outskirts of Newport this afternoon involving a Southern Vectis bus and two other vehicles.



Fire crews from the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service have been called to the incident and they are working to free one person who is trapped in the wreckage


A sea of blue lights can we scene with all three services being in attendance at the serious incident that happened on Sunday afternoon.

Police have closed the road in both directions and a request for the Hampshire and Isle of ambulance has been made.

Witnesses in vehicles trapped within the road closure have said that CPR is being carried out by Paramedics who are in the scene on one patient.

An air ambulance from Kent, Surrey and Sussex is now on scene with onboard doctors and paramedics tending to the most seriously injured.

Multiple casualties have been injured in the incident according to a spokesperson from the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service. It is understood that may be as many as 30 person involved
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