Please be aware of the O2 phone scam!

please be aware of the o2 phone scam

Last night I started receiving text messages and emails from o2 telling me they were pleased I was staying with them, thanking me for the upgrade and then about my new phone order.

When I looked into my account I discovered an order been taken for 2 new iPhone XS Max priced at £1632.40 each.

I tried calling o2 but they were closed. From last night until about 1pm today I have received non-stop text and emails from O2 informing me that my password and security question had been changed.

Obviously, I spoke to 22 first thing this morning and reported this which they alerted the fraud team.

Then I receive a text from DPD telling me my order is coming between 2.14-3.14 this afternoon

At 2.14 guess who was hovering outside my house, literally just standing by my drive waiting for the phone delivery.

We filmed her plus I have CCTV .

At 2.34 the courier arrived with the 2 phones.

She didn’t like it and was so confrontational and abusive, she soon scarpered when she knew the police were on there way.

Luckily she didn’t get the phones, but we aware if this happens to your phone accounts or you see someone dodgy hanging around.