Man released under Police investigation of Southampton pub murder

man released under police investigation of southampton pub murder

David Jenkins (pictured) 39, Has protested his innocence in the case in which Perry Cardy was murdered, a short time after release from custody still under Police investigation.

Jenkins made claim on his personal Facebook that he was nothing to do with it.

David Jenkins Stated;
“Right for all the nosey people out there slagging me off I WAS NOT involved in the incident I was arrested as I was there and took 2 glasses off the accused, I walked off around another man to put the glasses down and turnt round and he hit him there was another man there that was stood in between me, I never left with anyone I left alone, I have been released no charge as I wasn’t involved in this.

Hampshire Constabulary in a statement this evening confirmed that one man had been charged and a second released under police investigation enquiries are still continuing.