Cowes lifeboat launched to lift raft in stormy Solent sea

cowes lifeboat sent to investigate boat in difficulties

The RNLI Cowes lifeboat has been launched at the request of the UK coastguard to aid the yacht “Thunderflash” this afternoon.

The lifeboat was scrambled just after 6pm on Friday evening after the vessel called a mayday advising that those onboard had deployed a life raft in error and was hindering the progress of the vessel.

The liferaft acted a sea anchor hindering the yacht’s progress and turning it beam on (sideways) to the sea. An uncomfortable position to be in.
The lifeboat helm and yacht skipper agreed best policy was to cut the liferaft adrift for the Lifeboat to recover and the yacht continued on its way west which allowed Cowes Lifeboat to bring the raft.