UPDATED:Major search after red flare spotted in the Solent

updatedmajor search after red flare spotted in the solent

A major search has been launched involving a lifeboat a rescue helicopter the assist of Red Funnel’s vehicle ferry ‘Red Eagle’ has also been called upon following the sighting of a red distress flare.

The flare was seen in the night sky over the western half of the Solent just after 9pm sparks an emergency call to be made to the UK Coastguard.

A Coastguard Rescue 175 helicopter from Lee-on-Solent is currently carrying out an air search using the FLAIR system whilst a sea search is currently conducting by the Calshot lIfeboat.

inshore lifeboat scans from the sea.

The crew of Red Eagle and the master aboard Red Jet seven offered their assistance due to being in the area and are assisting the search.

The UK Coastguard, who are coordinating the search and rescue efforts say that this is a fast pace and progressive incident involving a number of resources in an attempt to locate the person/s involved.

UPDATE: One casualty was rescued by the Calshot lifeboat, and the yacht was towed back to the station.