Lifesaving equipment stolen from a London Ambulance in Canning Town

lifesaving equipment stolen from a london ambulance in canning town

Lifesaving equipment has been stolen from a London Ambulance Service vehicle which was parked in Canning Town.

Thieves stole ‘vital pieces of medical equipment’ after smashing a window of the rapid response vehicle yesterday (Monday).

The car had been parked overnight at the London Ambulance Service’s premises on Cody Road.

A spokesman for the LAS said: “We are very disappointed that one of our response cars was damaged and items stolen from it in the car park of one of our offices in east London overnight.

This car now has to be repaired so is unavailable for use by our emergency planning officers to respond to major incidents. The items stolen are vital pieces of medical equipment.”

Police have made no arrests.

Anyone with information about the break-in is encouraged to call 101 quoting reference number 5313228/19 of April 30