Horse shot in cruel attack with air rifle

horse shot in cruel attack with air rifle

We been informed about a sick attack that that has taken place involving a horse.

The helpless animal has been the target from an attack using an air weapon.

The Horse was grazing in a field close to Durley Brook Road, in the Village of quiet Durley.

It is believed that a pellet had been lodged into the Horse and was removed by a vet.

Police were made aware of an incident on Monday and it is believed that two teenage males were seen in the area using a footpath nearby to the incident. No reports of any firearms being seen were made, so could have also been an air pistol which may be easily hidden.

Possessing a Air Weapon in a public place is a serious criminal offence and firing an Air Weapon within 50m of a highway is also illegal.

If you see anyone carrying or using Air Weapons in public call Police on 999 immediately, never attempt to deal with matters yourself.

If you witnessed anything in the area yesterday which may help officers, please contact Police on 101.