Dangerous driver jailed for causing head-on collision in Darenth

dangerous driver jailed for causing head on collision in darenth

A dangerous driver who collided head-on with another car in , leaving a man in his 40s with serious injuries, has been jailed.

Adam Fisher was travelling at speeds of up to 70mph when he collided with the victim’s vehicle in February 2018, despite the speed limit being 40mph.

The 30-year-old, of Gore Road in Dartford, pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving and was sentenced to two years imprisonment by Woolwich Crown Court on Tuesday 30 April.

The court heard the collision took place in Gore Road at around 10pm on 15 February, moments after Fisher veered into the wrong carriageway and narrowly avoided a collision with an oncoming car.

When the driver of the oncoming vehicle looked into their rear view mirror, they saw hazard lights flashing in the distance.

The motorist feared Fisher had collided with a lamppost and turned around to offer assistance. When they got to the scene, they saw Fisher had collided with a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

The collision resulted in the victim’s car being forced into a ditch with the driver drifting in and out of consciousness.

The victim had to be taken to a London hospital and has been left with life changing injuries.

Fisher also required medical treatment but officers were able to establish he had consumed alcohol prior to the collision and he would have been over the limit at the time.

Police Constable Natalie Rowley, the investigating officer for the case, said: ‘The sole reason for this collision was Fisher’s senseless decision to ignore the speed limit after consuming alcohol in excess of the prescribed limit.

‘His poor choice left an innocent man suffering the consequences of his actions. There were no mitigating circumstances; the weather was good and there were no defects with the road or either vehicle involved.

‘It is entirely right that he has received a custodial sentence and I hope that other motorists will learn from the lessons of this case.’