Lifeboat called after concerns for person rescued from the sea

lifeboat called after concerns for person rescued from the sea

The Calshot RNLI Atlantic 85 lifeboat ‘Max Walls’ was launched to reports of a person in the water off of Calshot beach who had fallen off a J class yacht.

The persons on board the yacht had managed to self rescue the casualty but had radioed the HM Coastguard after concerns for the casualties welfare.

Calshot RNLI’s volunteer crew launched the Atlantic 85 Lifeboat and made their way to the yacht. On arrival Calshot crew transferred the casualty from the yacht to the lifeboat to carry out a casualty care assessment. Thankfully the casualty had been wearing a life jacket when they had fallen overboard.

After being in the water the casualty was feeling extremely cold, Calshot RNLI crew used the casualty care blanket and a hood to help keep the casualty warm and shelter them from the wind as they made their way to Hamble. The RNLI crew continually talked to the casualty on route to monitor their condition and keep them alert.

On arrival in Hamble at the Harbour Master pontoon, Calshot RNLI handed the casualty over to the care of the Southampton Central Ambulance Service. Hillhead Coastguard Rescue Team were also on scene.

having briefed the ambulance service on the information they had taken, Calshot’s RNLI crew returned to station.