Sick pedophile Facebook discovery made

sick pedophile facebook discovery made

A serious warning is issued to all Facebook users to be careful of the images they post on social media, This comes as a “Secret” Facebook group was discovered in which vile sick individuals have been uploading images of school girls in there uniforms for the groups pleasure.

Upon discovery, the groups admin removed the group from Facebook but not before one of our keen followers screenshotted the behaviour. Authorities have been informed and as such we have taken every step to ensure that the victims of this sick behaviour cannot be identified.

We remind followers to ensure all privacy steps are taken of you photos to stop these sick individuals using your images without your knowledge, There are privacy options in your Facebook settings to select Friends only.

This is a stark warning at the level these vile individuals go to for their pleasure, this simply must not be tolerated and in the event you discover such groups and individuals, we remind you to notify the police immediately.

We are not able to rule out the possibility that any Hampshire Children’s images have not been targeted and used in such nature so it is a warning we must not ignore