For parents of children using the -ROBLOX APP-

for parents of children using the roblox app

This is an app that many youngsters use and parent believe it to be safe, however, it has been brought to my attention by another parent who says that there are grown men downloading this App and then going into the online group chat which shows up on the game once you start playing it. They then pretend to be young children aged between 8-12. years old. They start off friendly and acting like a child, and then they ask for pictures or private areas and videos and also ask the child to ‘do things’ with themselves. The males also send pictures and videos of themselves to the child.
Our member knows someone very close to her, age 9 years old, that has experienced this type of grooming from using the App.
It has been reported to Police and social workers.
Please, parents, don’t leave young children using the internet without supervision. Please share to make other parents aware.