With the festival season starting in 2 weeks time Remember Georgia and Tommy thought they would be ok as well

with the festival season starting in 2 weeks time remember georgia and tommy thought they would be ok as well

With the festival season starting in 2 weeks time (Georgia and Tommy’s first anniversary) we hope that there won’t be too many deaths.

If you are thinking about taking something even just a possibly you need to know your stuff. Lower your risks. Someone at some point will offer you pills or powder.

Dealers love the festival time it’s when you let your guard down, and they can make some easy money.
But please be aware. Most drugs have probably been travelled to the festival via ‘county lines’ (a younger kid threatened with death of their family if they don’t, being the usual one).

There is then also a high chance it is part of a ‘bad batch’ (bad ingredients or very high/low doses). Dealers don’t want to risk the lives of their regulars, but your experience will mean nothing to them. No matter what they say.

(They will lie about the drug so you buy) Or people just wanting to make a few quid, making them out of plaster of Paris or cement, flour for powder.

So whilst you are planning on what to wear and getting extremely excited about festival time, just have a little plan about drug taking and what your thoughts are.

You don’t have to take it because everyone else seems to be.

Your plan should involve drug research, what will happen, what can go wrong.

Get ALL drugs tested if facilities are there, an extremely important thing to do.

If there are long queues, wait, your life is worth a queue, isn’t it.
And it means your not the only one trying to lower your risk! This is for your protection.

(or a chance to change your mind without your mates knowing).

Stay together till your side effects have warned off. Always an idea for at least one group member to stay sober. Get help straight away if you are worried about anything.

There are always welfare tents, no one is there to judge, they are not the police. Keep drinking water, small regular amounts.
Most importantly you want to be around for all the other festivals you’ve planned, don’t you?

Remember Georgia and Tommy thought they would be ok as well, make sure you come home.

Be good, be careful.