Portsmouth man takes his own life after failing lie detector on Jeremy Kyle

portsmouth man takes his own life after failing lie detector on jeremy kyle

Here is why the day time hit show JK has been taken off the air.

A building machine operator 63 year old Portsmouth man Steve Dymond has been named as the man who took a drugs overdose and took his own life ten days after taking lie detector test and failing on the mid morning Jeremy Kyle show.

ITV bosses ripped the show from Monday program scheduled and also removed it from the ITV player. In a statement they say the show has been taken off the air and is under review following the tragic news that local man Steve had taken a drugs overdose after failing the test

ITV say the episode will not be shown and filming and broadcasting of the show has been stopped.

Steve took the test on the ITV show to convince fiancée Jane Callaghan he had not been unfaithful. He failed the test and they split up shortly after filming the show.

Ten days later the love cheat was found dead in his flat by his landlady who come to check on him at his flat in Portsmouth.

Steve landlady contacted JK aftercare team after she found a number in his phone and they alerted Jane who at first thought it was a hoax.