COVID19 Check the number of cases in your area – UKNIP
Coronavirus where you live in the UK: Check the number of cases in your area with our interactive map:
The data used in this map comes from health authorities who are issuing daily updates about the number of confirmed cases of the virus. This map will be updated every day with the latest figures as we get them from the different authorities. The data is released by authorities at different times, so some parts of the map will have been updated with today's figures, while others will still show yesterday's figures as the latest data from that area is yet to be released. The number of cases in my area has gone down since I last checked the map. What's happened? For the cases recorded in England, Public Health England says the location of the cases is based on a person's home postcode - and when this is not initially available, the NHS trust or reporting laboratory postcode is used. This means cases can be subsequently reallocated to another area, and therefore the number of cases in an area can go down as well as up from day to day.