Hovertravel is helping to transport key workers and vital supplies across the Solent

hovertravel is helping to transport key workers and vital supplies across the solent

As so many of you are following the government advice by not travelling (and we are sincerely grateful to you all), you may not have seen how Hovertravel is helping to transport key workers and vital supplies across the Solent. I know you will all join me in thanking our engineers, crew, operational staff and pilots.  These Hovertravel heroes are keeping a critical community service running during this National Emergency.

Alongside the nurses, doctors, teachers, emergency services personnel and other medical professionals travelling with us, we are carrying vital supplies such as Wight Wash hand sanitiser from the Isle of Wight Gin Distillery to the NHS Solent Trust, PPE equipment and even a mother’s milk, separated from her new-born by the Solent.

Together with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service, we are offering a rapid off island transfer for stretcher patients from the island to hospitals in Portsmouth and Southampton.  

We recognise that for so many people this is an extremely tough time and that co-operation within communities is the only way we will beat this disease, which is why we have been working together with our fellow ferry firms to keep our lifeline services operating.  By accepting Red Jet and Wightlink tickets, we are able to maintain a fast ferry option for those who need to travel.

You have been connecting with us digitally and we are sharing your comments across the business. Your feedback is so welcome as it not only makes us take corrective action on those occasions when we could do better but, just as importantly during these challenging times, lifts our spirits when you tell us we are doing the right things.

One person in our team who consistently lifts our spirits, and many of our customers, is Lorry Middleton. Already a Gold Award winner for his customer service at the Beautiful South awards, you may know that Lorry is in the final for Tourism Superstar of the Year which is decided by public vote.

We need your help to make him win before voting finishes on 21st April so please vote here

And finally please remember, for all our sakes, essential Hover only!

Stay home and stay well.