A man who assaulted two police officers as they tried to arrest him for an outstanding warrant has been jailed for three years

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Sam Langley had gone to Southend Police Station on 12 August 2019 as part of his parole conditions. He was told he had an outstanding warrant issued against him.
When two officers went to the station’s front counter to arrest Langley, he tried to walk past and leave.
One of the officers attempted to restrain Langley to stop him leaving and as he did Langley pushed him and punched him a number of times.
Langley then turned towards the other officer and punched him in the face causing him to fall backwards, hitting his head on the top edge of a radiator as he fell to the floor.
As the officers tried to restrain Langley, who was continuing to try to fight his way out, they were joined by several other officers who were able to restrain him and get him into handcuffs.
When in a holding cell, Langley also tried to spit at another officer and struck them in the face leading to him having to have a spit guard placed over his head.
The officer who had hit the radiator was taken to hospital for his injuries and required six staples to the back of his head as well as stitches to his lip.
Langley, 26, of Harrington Road, Southend, was charged with one count of GBH and two counts of assaulting an emergency worker.
He denied the charged but was convicted following a trial at Basildon Crown Court on 22 September 2020.
He was sentenced to a total of three years at the same court on 14 October.
Investigating officer Detective Constable Rory Scarlett said: “Sam Langley carried out a violent attack on two officers as they tried to carry out their duties.
“He had an outstanding warrant against him but he seemed intent in not facing up to them.
“Instead he assaulted officers, leaving one of them with injuries that were serious.
“No-one goes to work expecting to be assaulted and police officers are no different.
“When this happens we will prosecute those responsible and bring them to justice.”