Vandals Damage Fareham Charity Shop Roof

Fareham,Hampshire Tuesday 8th March 2016  Since the turn of the year, the Hampshire region has been the victim to what could be described as a spate of attacks.
January saw the second-hand store, U Name It, vandalised during a raid, which saw guitars and a bayonet stolen and the interior spray painted.
Then in February, the Cedar School had its minibus stripped almost beyond recognition – causing immense distress to pupils and staff. Rurally, Upham and Bishop’s Waltham have endured a string of phonebox bombings. Now,  A graffiti attack on a charity shop in Fareham.
Damaged left after Vandals broken in and damaged the roofing area of the Forces Support  charity Shop in Fareham, Hampshire,

Warning Offensive  Content

Pictured is Shop Manger Carol Hunt and Vol Worker Neil Webb

Carol Hunt Said”  Someone has gone on the roof and spray painted vile graffiti which is very offensive to read. Appeal for help she said is  there any contractors who would be kind of to remove the graffiti . I know it’s a big ask. But we would be so grateful.

We try our best to raise as much money as possible for the charity and try our best to reduce costs especially when it’s beyond our control. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The roof is flat.  An other properties was also effected the roof was damaged.


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