School Children Robbed of their Mobiles on their way home from School in Gosport

school children robbed of their mobiles on their way home from school in gosport

Three school children from a local School in Gosport are tonight  at home recovering  after  being robbed on their way home.

The three 14 year old boys were threatened by a man armed with a bat  in broad daylight .  The trio  were stopped and  robbed by a man on their way home from School afternoon (Thursday).

The incident  happened at around  3.30pm  down  on the cycle path between Military Road and Brockhurst Road, Gosport.

The offender who was riding  a black bike with white forks is described to be  in his late  twenties. He was wearing a red hat with bobbles on it.

The man threatened to hit the three boys with a the bat if they refused to hand over money and  goods.  The frightened school boys handed over  there mobile phone  a black iPhone 5s, blue iPhone 5 and a  Samsung Galaxy s6 edge. The offender than made off on his bike.

Parents in the Gosport  area have called for action to be taken by Police. “Enough is enough” one wrote on on social media “it’s about time the Police did something about the cycle path things are always  happen down there.”


Anyone with information on the robbery  is asked to contact Hampshire Police on 101