Gutted owner who lost tools in Gosport van raid speaks out

gutted owner who lost tools in gosport van raid speaks out

A victim who was targeted in Gosport and had his vehicle damaged and property stolen has spoken out after the series of attacks carried out on Friday.

The vehicle was parked on his front drive directly below a bedroom window, the vehicle could be seen by at least a dozen houses so not hidden away.

Entry was made by breaking a side window and accessing the back of the Vehicle from the cab.

The persons own trade tools were stolen, replacing them will cost several thousand pounds.

The gutted owner has spoken out as brazen as these criminals are.

Very few people ever hear a car side window being broken, even when parked under a bedroom window.

Here some advice to help you not become the next victim

Try not to leave tools in vehicles over night.

Think about fitting an alarm on your vehicle, and if the vehicle is on your property think about security light that will light the vehicle up if movement is detected getup not to annoy neighbours) , this might help protect your house as well.
With most roads not having street lights after 1:00am, the criminals have an advantage, even if you hear something and look out, you probably won’t see anything.