Drunk driver causes traffic chaos on tHe A3

drunk driver causes traffic chaos on the a3

Police are dealing with road traffic collision on the A3 southbound just before Guildford.

Lane 3 is blocked after a selfish drunk van driver chose to drink and driver and not only risk his life but others as well.

Luckily he ploughed his van in the central reservation saving a lot of heartache for other had he hit an other vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle has given a positive roadside breath sample and has now been arrested and taken into custody for being selfish and over the limit.

His van been trashed not that he going to be needing it for at least 18 months he’s. It got a room in the hotel for day and a day in court. So an expensive drink one would say.

Thankfully no one else involved and police hope to have the road reopened soon.