Eastleigh Teenager jailed after Samurai Sword attack in Eastleigh

eastleigh teenager jailed after samurai sword attack in eastleigh


Brandon Engert, aged 18, of Heinz Burt Close in Eastleigh has been jailed today (Thursday 1 August) for nine years after he assaulted a 23-year-old man on December 21, 2018.

Engert used a sword to inflict a life threatening head injury on his victim whilst at his home in Heinz Burt Close last year.

The injury was made with what an expert witness described as ‘a samurai sword.’ His skull was severed and his brain exposed. He also lost the sight in his left eye.

Engert was arrested in connection with the attack, along with three other people.

The three other people were questioned by officers and released. No further action was taken against them.

Engert was released on bail while officers carried out further enquiries into what happened. In the days that followed officers carried out searches at Lakeside Country Park while the victim underwent life-saving surgery.

On the hunt for the weapon, officers from the Marine Unit assisted in searching a pond at Avenue Park, off Chesnut Avenue and appealed to the public for information.

Engert was charged in May 2019 and in July 2019 he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

No weapon was ever found. Engert has been jailed for nine years.

Detective Sergeant Simon Price, leading the investigation, said: “What started out as a night at a Christmas party for the victim, ended in an argument at Heinz Burt Close which had an almost fatal conclusion. The weapon Engert used could have killed this young man, he is lucky to be alive. It was an incredibly severe assault that has been life-changing for the victim, and due to Engert’s actions, his life has been, and will be, affected for some time too.”