Awareness this Halloween for Children with Learning Difficulties

awareness this halloween for children with learning difficulties

With Halloween just around the corner, we think every child deserves to be involved and have some fun no matter what their background or personality is (whether behind a mask or not)

A trend that has proved to help those children with learning difficulties and Autism has been the Blue pumpkin bucket or bag trend.

A blue Halloween bucket or labled bag has become an unofficial symbol of awareness for autism and learning difficulty.

If you see a trick-or-treater holding a blue pumpkin sweet bucket or bag at your doorstep, it could mean the person is autistic, or has learning difficulties.

For those who choose to use them, the blue buckets and bags could provide a subtle, dignified way of alerting people that this child or young adult may not be able to make eye contact, or tolerate wearing a mask, or even say ‘thank you’, but they certainly deserve to enjoy the fun of Halloween as much as everyone else,”

Please remember to make that little more effort and be patience to those carrying a Blue Pumpkin bucket or bags this Halloween, stay safe and have fun.